Featuring Coastal Web DesignNETract is proud to have developed a creative partnership with the nationally published and award winning Coastal Web Design. This alliance assures our site design customers refreshingly new and innovative design themes as well as prompt and efficient service. All with the convenience of one stop web services and flexible accounting methods.
Web site creation is as individual as the people and businesses that own them. It would be impossible for any company to utilize a canned pricing sheet to derive a fee for a particular site. At NETract Web Services, we submit your site request to our designers to review and calculate a written estimate. Our professional designer will remain as your consultant. We do not use templates or canned designs. Each site or graphic is uniquely created for your site unless a template or graphic is provided and/or authorized for use.

We use the following pricing guidelines to calculate estimates:
Basic page/theme design- $24.95/hr; Basic graphics- $19.95/hr; Market research- $12.95/hr. Actual fees are calculated by partial hour. 


NETract offers economical web pages and sites for:
Personal Projects
Special web capabilities include:
ActiveX  Applets
Auto Responders
Banners  Counters
Data Base  DHTML
E-commerce  Forms
Java  Marquee
Message Boards  Perl
Scripts  Search  SQL
NETract can create custom graphics.
Ad Banners
Digital Photography
Digital Enhancements
Logo Design
Photo Editing
Special Effects
NETract maintenance programs are as versatile as your needs.
One time upload - You maintain
Update your site periodically
Update only as changes occur
Mail or E-mail your project files
*Not all capabilities may be use with all Web Host Services.

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Site Types and Benefits

Corporate Intranet
- Most corporate surveys indicate that employees wish more timely and accurate communications within their company. A corporate or company information site for employees only will fulfill this need without high publishing costs.

Professional - Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, etc. will find this type of advertising very cost effective. More and more people are looking for information on the internet prior to looking in the phone book for professional services.

Small Business and Marketing - You may have a small business or a home office but you can have international exposure by publishing a professional web site to advertise your products. E-commerce sites are priced reasonably. Security of these sites is evolving each and every day to protect the site owner as well as your customers.

Organizations and Clubs - One could spend days or weeks trying to catch up hundreds of members of a clubs and associations by phone or mail. Your new web site will put all of the breaking news at the finger tips of more than 50% of the group... At their convenience.
This is perfect for Church Clubs, Sports Teams, Scouts, Home Owner's Associations, etc.

City and Government - A necessity to be able to reach as many citizens as possible to inform them of elections, proposals, administration, emergency phone numbers, etc. The Chamber of Commerce can also benefit using links to local businesses and even including a Business directory to achieve a high level of commerce within the community.
Secure pages may be created for council events and data.

Personal Home Pages - As your family drifts across the country or over seas, the thought of seeing their most recent pictures and learning of current events at the click of a mouse make communication is if it were right next door.

Events - One-time events may be advertised locally, regionally, nationally or world wide on the internet. Some examples include Holiday Presentations, Rallies, Car shows, Charity Drives, etc.
Many times your page may be published through a city site or other organizational site at no charge if there is a possibility of revenue in the locale.

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