Accessing Your Control Panel:

1. Browse to 
2. Log in using the Account User Name and Password provided with your Welcome Package.

Setting Up and Accessing Your Email:
1. Access your Control Panel and open the Mail link.
2. You have 1 primary email address which may not be edited. It is your master account address 
    ( The password is your Master Account Password provided with your Welcome Package.
3. You may create additional email accounts and passwords from this Control Panel.
4. You may acquire your email using Web Mail in your Control Panel or by browsing to
5. You may also use MSOutlook or your favorite Mail Client. 
Syntax of entries:  
         Incoming Server (POP3) 
       Outgoing Server (SMTP)=Use your ISP settings or
More information on setting up mail clients.

Online Support Manual. Our Online Support Manual contains information on "How To" use all the services offered at NETract Web Services.

Important Miscellaneous Information
We do not provide technical support for 3rd party software, scripts, html, or any other software, database software, scripts that you may utilize in building your web site. However this manual does include assistance using different 3rd party software, scripts, html, etc., which we have included as a courtesy only and can not guarantee you support outside of what is provided within this manual. What we mean by this is if you do not find the help you need within these pages or the Webmaster Resources section of our site, submit our Technical Support Request Form describing the help you need and we will do our utmost to assist you, however, by doing this we are not guaranteeing you that we will be able to assist you. We just want you to know that if we have the knowledge for your request we will provide it to you as a courtesy.

Support Help
Please read all the information below as many common problems are listed here to help you get your site up and running fast. If the answer is not below or in the support manuals then you may email your request to .

Server abusers.
We maintain our servers with all customers in mind and we reserve the right to refuse business to anyone at any time. We rarely have to in force this policy and when we do it is for all of our customers benefit. 

We Prosecute For Copyright Violations
This manual is copyright protected and for use by NETract clients ONLY. This manual is NOT TO BE REPRODUCED in ANY manner without prior written permission from NETract  or its Associates. Violator's will be given NO PRIOR notification of our intent to prosecute outside of this notice.

Please report any copyright violations to

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